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This is a T- pipe that is most likley used to coolant.
T-pipe solid brass - New old stock
NEW OLD STOCK brake light switch.
Switch - Brake light
Owner's / Operator's manual for Cargostar and Loadstar 1970's trucks. This is not a reprint, it is an original copy. And despite the cover looking a little rough for wear, the inside is clean and perfect.
Cargostar and Loadstar Series Operator's Owner's Manual 1977
4 pins total, 2 are 64147HC 2 are76771R1  the entire kit is a 124603R91
King pin Rod Pin - New Old Stock
Price: $76.53 Price: $54.22 Price: $49.95 Price: $66.35
Scout 80 NOS license plate lights. Glass lens, original, sharp looking.
NOS License Plate Bracket with light - Scout 80/800/ trucks
Big u-bolts for 1800 trucks and larger.
This muffler was used on Cargostar, Loadstar and 5000 Paystar.
V-8 Distributor Cap fits Loadstar 345-404
Distributor Cap V-8 Distributor Cap fits Loadstar 345-404
Price: $SOLD OUT Price: $$49.95 Price: $0.00 Price: $22.86
This is the heater control cable for Scout II vehicles.  Many of these trucks have cables that are so packed with dirt and gummy varnish and dried grease that they no longer function.  If you cannot turn your heater off (or cannot turn it on), then you probably need one of these.

This is a bowden cable with looped wire ends (as shown in the photo), and is approximately 34\" long.  

This will work for other applications as long as it is as long or longer than the old one.
Heater Control Cable
Protect your battery and sheet metal. Comes with adjustable devider and strap and hold downs. This battery box will contain any acid that leaks out.   It is also adjustable for smaller batteries. It has a movable divider. Holds batteries 8" wide X14" long 8" tall.
battery box, group 27 & 31 and smaller batteries
Carrier bearing for you drive line.
Carrier Bearing - New Old Stock
This is the clutch actuator cable that was used on 1974-75 4x4 200-series pickups and Travelalls with the inline 258 CID 6-cylinder motor and FA-52 front axle (axle code 2052 Dana-44HD).   This was also used on 1972-73 pickups and Travelalls with V8 engine and cable control, except for MS1210 & MS1510.

This is made with armored cable, clevis yokes on each end.  The distance between eyes is just over 23\", and the distance between the retaining clips on the outer casing is just over 13\". 

This may also work for 408483C1 and 443435C1, as long as it is longer.
Clutch Actuator Cable
Price: $18.29 Price: $19.95 Price: $123.52 Price: $79.95
NEW!!  Wiper arm for your early Loadstar and Travelall Pickup and Travelett.
wiper arm - NEW OLD STOCK - LoadStar 1600-1890

Mount - Used
Order one high and one low tone to work in combination producing a note similar to the original. Comes with mounting instructions and hardware.
Horn - Original Type - Loadstar
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Brand-New IH Scout II Accelerator / Throttle Cable Part

This is the REAL DEAL IH Part.  part 440983c1

To fit the 1973-1978 Scout II with 304 / 345 V8.

This cable has a socket fitting on the carburetor end, and a ball on the gas pedal end that fits into a slot on the end of the accelerator lever.
Accelerator Cable IH Scout II 1973-1978 V8
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $45.66 Price: $38.95 Price: $49.88 - $49.88 Price: $48.50
Fits 66-78 Loadstar, Power Steering Pump Filter, New Old Stock
Power Steering Pump Filter - Element - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
new old stock
Bearing- new old stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Loadstar head Light Switch, brand new
Head Light Switch!
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Carburetor linkage ball joint
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $19.15 Price: $45.36 Price: $48.93 each. Price: $24.13


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