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cover - NOS loadstar
Lower alternator bracket for Scout 80/800.Very hard to find.
Scout 80/800 Alternator Bracket - Lower
NOS radio blank plate
NOS radio blank plate
Ignition switch for 69-75 Travelall & Pickup .  Fixed-column style.
69-75 Travelall & Pickup Ignition Switch, Fixed-Column
Price: $41.15 Price: $164.30 Price: $41.15 Price: $89.56
ROD Chrome
Chrome Rod - New Old Stock

rock shaft - for Cab overs and larger trucks
Loadstar all years
Price: $85.71 Price: $ Price: $38.99 Price: $144.07

Spring Wire - New old stock

Rubber tube - New old stock

Gear - New old stockb
4 pins total, 2 are 64147HC 2 are76771R1  the entire kit is a 124603R91
King pin Rod Pin - New Old Stock
Price: $40.54 Price: $131.37 Price: $ Price: $68.34
Flasher Hazard/Turn Signal for Loadstar.  Brand New Part.
IH Flasher Hazard and Turn Signal
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
New Oil gauge
Oil Gauge
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Cover - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Parts manual for International Loadstar 1600, 1600 4x4, 1603, CO-1600, 1700, F-1700, 1700 4x4, 1703, 1750, CO-1700, CO-1750, 1800, F-1800, 1803, 1850, F-1850, 1853, 1890, 1890D, CO-1800, CO-1850 Models (with Serial number FD, SB, C, G and H)  Parts Catalog, 1987 pages, reprint.  This book shows you exploded views of very single part in your truck with part numbers.
Parts Manual 1962 to 1971 Loadstar Parts Catalog
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $10.18 Price: $71.41 Price: $131.41 Price: $164.75

Oil Sender - new old stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
The chrome is pitted but it looks like it will polish up well.
loadstar 1800 used emblem
Model(s): 1800
If you have lost your dipstick, we have lots of new ones!  This is a brand new oil level indicator for 266, 304, 345, and 392 motors.  This fits all V8 engines that have the dipstick tube on the rear side of the engine.  This will not fit engines that have the dipstick on the timing cover.   This has been improved over the original unit, because the cap has been brazed on so it will never come loose and fall off again! 

Many times the old dipstick has fallen out; or the cap has disappeared so that oil is blowing all over your engine compartment.  Not only is this messy, it means your PCV system is not working right, which can shorten the lifespan of your motor due to corrosion resulting from the inability of water vapor to be ventilated out of the motor.  Why take chances on your $3000 motor for lack of a $23 part?  Get one today!

If you need the dipstick tube too, see <a href=\"http://www.scoutparts.com/products/?view=product&product_id=13577\">SP13577</a> or <a href=\"http://www.scoutparts.com/products/?view=product&product_id=13578\">SP13578</a>.
Oil Dipstick for IH V8 Engines
Model(s): 1700
New Oil Pump for International 220, 240, and 264 engines!
International 6cyl Oil Pump
Model(s): 1700
Price: $42.81 Price: $34.90 Price: $38.06 Price: $338.82

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