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Fitting - New Old Stock
These are body mount insulators. They are used in the body mount under your seat.
Body Mount Pads - Loadstar
Easy to use and hook up.  Medium duty switch.  Great way to turn on or off a electrical device. 
ON-OFF two position switch 12 volt 15 amp.
Switch -medium Duty Toggle - -12 Volt 15 Amps
NEW OLD STOCK!!!  The dip stick slides into this tube on a 152 & 196 engine.
Tube For Your Dip Stick On A 152cid IH Engine.
Price: $51.14 Price: $19.87 Price: $4.58 Price: $65.66
12x18 metal sign
"Truck Parking Only" Sign, Diamond Plate

Part -new Old Stock
Cable used on School Buses
Cable - New Old Stock

Valve - New Old Stock
Price: $18.49 Price: $58.60 Price: $101.61 Price: $205.64
Photo is Generic.  International Loadstar, Cargostar Truck Operator's reprint Manual for Models 1600-1890,  F-1700, F-1800,
173-FC-183-FC, 183-RE School Bus .
Operator's Manual Reprint, International Loadstar 1962 To 1971

King Pin Kit
used on all years of loadstar and many other large trucks.
Hub Cap Screw On - NEW OLD STOCK
Price: $38.99 Price: $51.45 Price: $367.02 Price: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

Shock Mount Left - New Old Stock
Lever loadstar 66-79

Bearing Kit - New Old Stock
Make stater work every time.
Are you tired of wondering if your Loadstar will start after you parked it in front of the in-law's house? :) 
Does your International truck or Loadstar periodically click when you turn the key.  
Mine sure does.  I put in a new starter and a new battery and neither fixed the problem. 
We have figured out the problem.   The wires are getting old and not sending a full 13.5 volts to the starter.  This relay kit fixes this problem. 
 The relay comes pre-wired for installation with labels on the wire. 
Most slow starting comes from aging of your wiring harness. This kit provides a clean clear maximum voltage directly from your battery to the starter.

Kit includes: Starter relay and wiring harness. 
 Step 1.   Disconnect Battery.
 Step 2.  All you have to do is, screw relay into firewall and attach 4 wires.
 Step 3.  Attach relay and green wire to fire wall.
Step 4.   At the starter solenoid Attach the Red wire to the main big post that has the big wire that goes to the battery. 
Step 5.   At the starter solenoid remove the white #17 wire and replace with the yellow wire. 
Step 6.   Attach the blue wire to the existing white #17 wire that you just removed from the solenoid.
You are done.

This is what you do:
Red wire goes to either battery or the big main terminal on the starter solenoid.
yellow outputs full battery voltage to the "S" on the Starter solenoid.
 Not used -orange (if you have one)
Blue wire connects to old starter wire 
Green wire must be grounded.

This kit is not intended for use with 6 volt systems.
Starter Solenoid Relay - Fixes A Clicking Starter
Price: $141.37 Price: $57.30 Price: $66.38 Price: $59.95
This is a pair of seals for the vent windows in International Harvester Loadstar trucks from 1961-1977.
Wing Vent Window Seal - 1961-77 Loadstar trucks
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Bearing Undersized - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Seal out the elements on your clutch rod with NOS boot.
Clutch Rod Boot - Loadstar
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Sender Gauge - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $267.79 Price: $30.54 Price: NOT AVAILABLE Price: $163.25

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