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rocker shaft pivot
pivot - New old stock

Plate - New Old Stock
1978-80 International Loadstar, Cargostar Service Manual Set,  Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit manuals not included, order from engine vendors, 3 volume set, doesn't cover the DT466, order CGES-185-3, New Old Stock
Service Manual International Loadstar 1978-1980

Radio Face Plate - New Old Stock
Price: $87.03 Price: $40.61 Price: $254.95 Price: $52.48

Pipe - New Old Stock

Bearing And Seal Retainer
This muffler was used on Cargostar, Loadstar and 5000 Paystar.
These lenses are Made of glass and are NEW OLD STOCK. Used on Loadstrar all years. Cab overs and all larger trucks.
Glass Back Up Light Lens - NEW OLD STOCK
Price: $134.02 Price: $479.87 Price: Call for Availability Price: $41.97
This drag link is 17.5" long and 1.25" thick.
Drag Link - New Old Stock.
The chrome is pitted but it looks like it will polish up well.
Loadstar 1800 Used Emblem
Model(s): 1800

Speedo Core - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Model(s): 1800
Price: $237.68 Price: $35.60 Price: $71.66 Price: $103.72
This emblem is in good shape.  It is not perfect, it has some blemishes but it does not need to be rechromed.  This emblem was used on really big International trucks 180 and larger from 1950 to 1968.
Model(s): 1800

Ring - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800

Side Gear - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800

Brake Cable Front - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800
Price: $77.79 Price: $164.72 Price: $115.20 Price: $258.78
ROD Chrome
Chrome Rod - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800
This is the clutch actuator cable that was used on 1974-75 4x4 200-series pickups and Travelalls with the inline 258 CID 6-cylinder motor and FA-52 front axle (axle code 2052 Dana-44HD).   This was also used on 1972-73 pickups and Travelalls with V8 engine and cable control, except for MS1210 & MS1510.

This is made with armored cable, clevis yokes on each end.  The distance between eyes is just over 23\", and the distance between the retaining clips on the outer casing is just over 13\". 

This may also work for 408483C1 and 443435C1, as long as it is longer.
Clutch Actuator Cable
Model(s): 1800

wire harness - New old stock
Model(s): 1800
If you have lost your dipstick, we have lots of new ones!  This is a brand new oil level indicator for 266, 304, 345, and 392 motors.  This fits all V8 engines that have the dipstick tube on the rear side of the engine.  This will not fit engines that have the dipstick on the timing cover.   This has been improved over the original unit, because the cap has been brazed on so it will never come loose and fall off again! 

Many times the old dipstick has fallen out; or the cap has disappeared so that oil is blowing all over your engine compartment.  Not only is this messy, it means your PCV system is not working right, which can shorten the lifespan of your motor due to corrosion resulting from the inability of water vapor to be ventilated out of the motor.  Why take chances on your $3000 motor for lack of a $23 part?  Get one today!

If you need the dipstick tube too, see <a href=\"http://www.scoutparts.com/products/?view=product&product_id=13577\">SP13577</a> or <a href=\"http://www.scoutparts.com/products/?view=product&product_id=13578\">SP13578</a>.
Oil Dipstick For IH V8 Engines
Model(s): 1700
Price: $87.42 Price: NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME Price: $40.44 Price: $38.82

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