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This is a ignition switch.  It has four positions, accessory, off, run, start.  it has four posts on the back.  -- Accessory, Battery, ignition, and starter. 
You will have to do your own wiring but they work great.
Starter Ignition Switch - Universal

Water pump Hub - new old stock
This is for a Loadstar with a 345.
Lower Radiator Hose
Loadstar all years. Cabover ABC, all kinds of larger trucks from about 1960 to 1980
Switch - Loadstar & metro & Cabover NEW OLD STOCK.
Price: $11.99 Price: $39.68 Price: $$29.32 Price: $49.66
The chrome is pitted but it looks like it will polish up well.
loadstar 1800 used emblem
Model(s): 1800
This is the heater control cable for Scout II vehicles.  Many of these trucks have cables that are so packed with dirt and gummy varnish and dried grease that they no longer function.  If you cannot turn your heater off (or cannot turn it on), then you probably need one of these.

This is a bowden cable with looped wire ends (as shown in the photo), and is approximately 34\" long.  

This will work for other applications as long as it is as long or longer than the old one.
Heater Control Cable
Model(s): 1800

Scout 80 NOS Brake Shoe Retainer Spring
Model(s): 1800
Bigger truck shift boot set. We do not know the exact truck this fits on. It is used for sure on IH trucks larger than 1 ton.
Shift boot seal
Model(s): 1800
Price: $33.88 Price: $18.00 Price: $19.25 each Price: $$69.97
Loadstar door dovetail plate. Rare dual cam dove tail receiver, NOS, original.
Door Dovetail Plate (Receiver)
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
International Loadstar reprint Serial # C-076500 and up, & G-474897 and up, H-205,000 and up, CCA-10001,  CHA-10001 and up, DCA-10001, DHA-10001 and up, ECA-10001, EHA-100001 and up, FCA-10001,  FHA-10001 and up, Parts Catalog, 1232 pages.
Parts manual 1977 to 1978
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
was used on Loadstar
Chrome Plate - New OLD STock
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE

Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $88.88 Price: $124.95 Price: $64.55 Price: $39.66
This is the accelerator cable used on all Scout II trucks 1975-1980 with the 4-cylinder 196 CID motor, except for right-hand drive vehicles.

 This is about 35\" long, and has a socket fitting on the carburetor end and a ball on the pedal end that fits into a slot on the pedal lever.  

This will fit other applications as long as the ends are the same and it is longer than the old one.
Accelerator Cable, NEW
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Oil dip stick used on early Loadstar. New old stock.
Oil Dip Stick- New Old Stock
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Pink and gray cap with IH.
Cap - IH Emblem Womens Pink hat
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
New replacement cable.  This cable comes in a 12\'length and can be cut to fit. It is a 1/4\" housing and the throw length(pulling on the knob)is up to 2\" This cable will work as a replacement for a choke, hood release, throttle(pto applications), vent cable, or any other application you might need.
Replacement Cable Choke, Throttle, Hood Release
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $45.50 Price: $76.59 Price: $$15.99 Price: $19.95
Tall Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700.
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
SHOW YOUR COLORS.   This NEW OLD STOCK emblem is off of a 1981 to 85 S-Series Trucks.   It is not intended for scout but Wow What a way to say your truck is an international!   This one is normally a $200 emblem but this one has two small dings in the finish.  The dings are small and hard to notice.  A Really substantial piece of chrome, it weighs about 2 pounds. 2\" X 14.75\".
Emblem\" International\"- Chrome and Blue Enamel - S-Series trucks - NOS
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
King Pin Kit Loadstar 1700.
King Pin Kit Loadstar 1700
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Protect your battery from voltage draining corrosion. Extent the life of your battery.
Terminal Protector Boots for Loadstar
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $89.95 Price: $89.66 Price: $134.95 Price: $3.98


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