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Actuator - New OLd Stock
ROD Chrome
Chrome Rod - New Old Stock

Output Shaft - New Old Stock
We have assembled this kit to include the items that we commonly use when winterizing a tractor.   We have winterized many tractors over the years and these are the best products that we have found for the job. 

1. 6 or 12 volt Float charger- the float charger will keep your battery charged during the winter. Charger automaticlly detects 6 or 12 volts.  
- After reaching peak 14.4 VDC, charge automatically switches to 13.2 float voltage
- When voltage drops below 12.6 VDC, charging resumes at 14.4 VDC
- Two color LED indicates state of charge
- Reverse polarity protected and spark proof
- 12volt output cord

2. Fuel stabilizer- We use Sta-bil brand fuel stabilizer which prevents gas from turning to turpentine.

3. Tire shine

4. Wax For your paint

5.  Anti freeze tester
Winterization Kit - Includes Float Charger/ Battery Tender
Price: $58.43 Price: $85.71 Price: $367.11 Price: $ - $
Lens Turn Signal Clear - NEW OLD STOCK

Output Shaft - New Old Stock
1957 to 1963 International Trucks A, B, C Series,  Light & Med Duty Service Manual Set (2 volume set).   1580 pages, reprint.
Service Manual International Loadstar 1957-1963
This is a T- pipe that is most likley used to coolant.
T-pipe solid brass - New old stock
Price: $118.78 Price: $243.62 Price: $151.99 Price: $78.83
Loadstar Horn contact ring.  This horn ring screws into the steering wheel.
Brass Horn Contact Ring - Loadstar

Gear - New old stock
This book applies to Loadstar trucks 1600 thru 1850.   The illustation shows a 1961 to 1967 body style,  but the content applies to loadstars thru 1977.  This book is in really good shape.   9.5 on a scale of 1-10.
Loadstar Operator Manual 1972 to 1976
Set of 5 bolts works to mount one manifold.  You will need two kits if you have a V-8.  These are OEM copper-clad exhaust bolts used to attach exhaust manifolds to the cylinder heads. You need two long, two medium and one short one (for a total of five) per manifold. The copper discolors after exposure to high heat, but the copper cladding does not go away. The copper coating makes the bolts easy to remove even 40 years later. These are highly recommended. V8 engines will require two sets.  I have personally removed at least one hundred IH exhaust manifolds and have never,   NOT once broken a bolt.  These were used at the factory and they really keep the bolt from fusing to the block.
Copper-Clad Exhaust Manifold Bolt - set of 5
Price: $28.45 Price: $164.44 Price: $71.77 Price: $36.00
Used on all International 4 and 8 cylinder engines.
Guide - New Old Stock
Cab mount for Loadstar mounts.
Cab Mount -
This is a brand new dipstick tube to fit the 345 and 392 engines that have the dipstick on the side rear of the engine.  This does not work if your dipstick is on the timing cover.  This fits all Scout IIs, and Travelalls and pickups from 1961 to 1975.  This also will fit some older chassis, as well as busses, Loadstars, Metros, and other big trucks.

If you need a dipstick too, see SP13768 for that.
345 & 392 Oil Dipstick Tube

Cover - New Old Stock
Price: $10.25 Price: $87.55 Price: $39.67 Price: $131.41

Used Replacement glass fuel bowl.  They are getting very hard to find.  We have just a couple
Fuel pump filter glass bowl - used
This stuff is great,  it will seal the glass to the Rubber and seal the rubber to the metal of the Windshield frame. 
It is made by 3M and is used by glass installers everywhere.  3M is a name that you know you can trust.
Sealer Windshield frame adhesive auto glass

Spring Wire - New old stock
Price: $112.94 Price: $22.91 Price: $18.49 Price: $40.54

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