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This cable is 48 \" long and has a slugg on one end and takes a ball at the other.
Throttle Cable
These were used on Loadstars to hold your hood down.
Hood Latch - NOS

Output shaft New - new old stock

rock shaft - for Cab overs and larger trucks
Price: $53.22 Price: $79.99 Price: $356.42 Price: $
This is a great replacement V8 fuel pump for your V8 304, 345, 392,IH engine, compare with your original before installation. 
This does not have a glass bowl as used on the earlier motors, but pumps fuel just the same.
V8 Fuel Pump 304, 345, 392
Shift Boot Loadstar 1600-1800.
Shift Boot Loadstar 1600-1800

Door threshold - New old stock
Loadstar door dovetail plate. Rare dual cam dove tail receiver, NOS, original.
Door Dovetail Plate (Receiver)
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $115.72 Price: $95.63 Price: $263.54 Price: $129.79
Point\'s Set Loadstar 345-404.
Point\'s Set Loadstar 345-404
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE

Bushing - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Chrome emblem New old stock - Chrome is perfect.
Emblem Loadstar 1700- new old stock
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Turn Signal assembly & hazard lights switch for larger trucks 1600,  1700, 1800, series.
Made in the USA
<img src=\"/images/usaflag-backed.gif\" />
Turn Signal assembly & hazard lights switch for larger trucks 1600, 1700, 1800, series.
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $19.39 Price: $26.35 Price: $231.65 Price: $$235.00
This is the accelerator cable used on all Scout II trucks 1975-1980 with the 4-cylinder 196 CID motor, except for right-hand drive vehicles.

 This is about 35\" long, and has a socket fitting on the carburetor end and a ball on the pedal end that fits into a slot on the pedal lever.  

This will fit other applications as long as the ends are the same and it is longer than the old one.
Accelerator Cable, NEW
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Solid aluminum casting.  Very high quality accelerator pedal.  Made by IH new old stock.  We do not know exactly what models this fits. But it is really cool.
Gas Pedal, Accelerator - New old stock
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
This fits all IH motors, including 152, 196, 266, 304, 345, and 392. Make those persistent oil leaks disappear!
Valve Cover Gasket for IH Engines
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
reprint International Loadstar 1600, 1600 4x4, 1603, 1700, 1700 4x4, , 1703, 1750, 1800, F-1800, F-1800D, 1803, 1850, F-1850, 1853, 1890, 1890, 1890D  Serial Nos. C-049510 thru C-076500, G-384,199 thru G-474896 and H-000001 thru H-204999 -Prior to 1972, Parts manual, 1152 pages.  Photo is generic.
Manual Parts - Loadstar 1972 to 1976
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $49.50 Price: $SOLD OUT Price: $15.95 Each Price: $159.95
Ring was used for back up lights.
Chrome Ring for Backup Light
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Emblem in good used condition.
loadstar CO 1800 emblem
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Arm door stop - NEW OLD STOCK
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Model(s): 1750, 1800, 183RE
Price: $29.95 Price: $78.95 Price: $51.66 Price: $69.95

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