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Brand-new replacement horn relay.

-All Loadstars, Cargostars, etc.

Quality part MADE IN THE USA.
Horn Relay for IH 61-79 Loadstar
Parts manual for International Loadstar 1600, 1600 4x4, 1603, CO-1600, 1700, F-1700, 1700 4x4, 1703, 1750, CO-1700, CO-1750, 1800, F-1800, 1803, 1850, F-1850, 1853, 1890, 1890D, CO-1800, CO-1850 Models (with Serial number FD, SB, C, G and H)  Parts Catalog, 1987 pages, reprint.  This book shows you exploded views of very single part in your truck with part numbers.
Service Manual 1962 to 1971 Loadstar Parts Catalog
Drag Link Loadstar 1700.
Drag Link Loadstar 1700
Switch with two contacts.  was used on many Loadstars and other school buses and trucks.
Switch - New old stock
Price: $19.85 Price: $159.95 Price: $120.95 Price: $66.92
Oil filter emlement
Oil filter element, NEW OLD STOCK
This spray cleans all acid and corrosion from your battery and make it last longer.
Spray to clean your battery terminals
Rebuildable core.  If you need one rebuilt, we can rebuild is for you. 
This is a used carb from a 1977 school bus with a 392 IH engine.  This carb is not only 4 barrel but it also has a governor.
Four Barrel Carburetor for IH Loadstars with Governor
We have a few in stock. Better get\'em while supplies last.
Glow Plug Red Light - PayStar, Transtar, Fleetstar -
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Price: $15.66 Price: $4.95 Price: $189.00 Price: $35.88

Fan motor - NEW OLD STOCK
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Grease Sleeve Loadstar 1700
Model(s): 1800, 1850
gasket - New old stock
Gasket - New Old Stock
Model(s): 1800, 1850
wiper control arm, NEW OLD STOCK
wiper control arm - NEW OLD STOCK all years of Loadstar
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Price: $96.33 Price: $69.95 Price: $19.95 Price: $89.66
Easy to install - NO soldering

If your gauges are reading incorrectly or not at all, you may need this brand new high capacity solid state regulator kit. It replaces the old mechanical one behind your Oil, Fuel, & Temp guage. NO MOVING PARTS! This regulator has a capacity far beyond the original and will not burn out under these loads. It will probably outlast you and your Truck.  Ready to ship NOW! Directions included. Installation is a snap, tighten one nut and two screws and you are done. Do not operate it with out grounding it.
If you are installing this yourself,  only do so with a full gas tank.  Test the brown wire before installing.   It should output 5 volts.   If it is outputting more that 5.1 volts.  Do not continue and contact a professional.
Solid State Voltage Regulator Kit for Gauges.
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Points Set for LOADSTAR 345-404.
Point\'s Set
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Photo is Generic.  International Loadstar, Cargostar Truck Operator's reprint Manual for Models 1600-1890,  F-1700, F-1800,
173-FC-183-FC, 183-RE School Bus .
Operator's Manual reprint, International Loadstar 1962 to 1971
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Cab mount for Loadstar mounts.
Cab Mount -
Model(s): 1800, 1850
Price: $49.95 Price: $14.95 Price: $49.95 Price: $85.00
NOS radio blank plate
NOS radio blank plate
Model(s): 1800, 1850

Hooded Sweatshirt Grey - IH Logo
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Head Gasket - NEW OLD STOCK
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Lens Perlux - new old stock
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $39.95 Price: $ - $ Price: $86.33 Price: $36.55


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