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This product will fix a cracked block. Or a cracked head. Or glue a fan belt back together.  The glue is Great but the grey and black powder that comes with it is AMAZING.   If you have a hole in a valve cover or crack in a block or head, or a broken carburator core. Poor the powder into  fill the void.  Then you put a few drops of the glue onto the power.   The powder and glue work together to create a new compound that is hard as a rock in 10 seconds and will fill in a hole like bondo but much much harder.
super Ultra glue - Q-bond - Fix a Cracked Block in 10 seconds
This is the heater control cable for Scout II vehicles.  Many of these trucks have cables that are so packed with dirt and gummy varnish and dried grease that they no longer function.  If you cannot turn your heater off (or cannot turn it on), then you probably need one of these.

This is a bowden cable with looped wire ends (as shown in the photo), and is approximately 34\" long.  

This will work for other applications as long as it is as long or longer than the old one.
Heater Control Cable
was used on Loadstar
Chrome Plate - New OLD STock
Kit includes door glass wipers (the ones that fit inside the door against the flat part of the glass), and the channels the window rides in to refurbish 2 doors.

These are beautiful reproductions, and ready to install.  This kit will keep the rain out and eliminate rattling.  You have no idea how comfortable your pickup can be until you install these!

Each kit comes with everything needed to complete 2 doors.
1957-79 Loadstar Door Window Seal & Guide Kit
Price: $14.99 Price: $18.00 Price: $64.55 Price: $199.95
New windshield seal. Known as a windshield retainer, it holds the windshield in the frame, it is the weatherstrip that goes around the windshield and keeps the rain and wind out. This is a new rubber, ready to install. This fits Loadstars.

We strongly recommend that you use a professional installer to put this in, both to ensure you do not break the glass, and to make sure you seal it completely and protect it against water getting between the rubber and the frame, causing future rustout of the frame.
Windshield Seal for 1962-1979 Loadstar
Rebuildable core.  If you need one rebuilt, we can rebuild is for you. 
This is a used carb from a 1977 school bus with a 392 IH engine.  This carb is not only 4 barrel but it also has a governor.
Four Barrel Carburetor for IH Loadstars with Governor
Gasket - New Old Stock
Condenser Loadstar 345-404.
Condenser Loadstar 345-404
Price: $106.88 Price: $189.00 Price: $19.65 Price: $14.95
\"L\" type door latch
Door latch for Loadstar\'s

Adjustable Battery Hold Down
This emblem is in good shape.  It is not perfect, it has some blemishes but it does not need to be rechromed.  This emblem was used on really big International trucks 180 and larger from 1950 to 1968.
Red handle is a removable key so you can use it like a key.
If you have a slow electrical leak in your Scout, you can keep the battery fresh with this kill switch.

Hide one of these in your rig\'s starting circuit to prevent theft form hotwiring of vehicle.

Master Battery Isolator Switch 
2 Position On-Off 
Detachable Key 
Capacity of 500 Amps 
Battery Isolator - Battery Shut Off - (it\'s a key as well)
Price: $118.53 Price: $4.99 Price: $54.62 Price: $16.99

Gasket set kit - new old stock
Starter Motor - new old stock  4 or 8 cylinder IH engines.
Starter Motor - new old stock 4 or 8 cylinder engines
This is the clutch actuator cable that was used on 1974-75 4x4 200-series pickups and Travelalls with the inline 258 CID 6-cylinder motor and FA-52 front axle (axle code 2052 Dana-44HD).   This was also used on 1972-73 pickups and Travelalls with V8 engine and cable control, except for MS1210 & MS1510.

This is made with armored cable, clevis yokes on each end.  The distance between eyes is just over 23\", and the distance between the retaining clips on the outer casing is just over 13\". 

This may also work for 408483C1 and 443435C1, as long as it is longer.
Clutch Actuator Cable
Loadstar door plate, dovetail. Slides into the dovetail receiver plate to keep the door in the correct closed position.
Loadstar Door plate, Dovetail
Model(s): 1800
Price: $74.52 Price: $210.30 Price: $79.95 Price: $16.88
New Rebuild Alternator for your IH Scout with a 152 4-cylinder.
Alternator for IH 4-Cylinder
Model(s): 1800
This thermostat is used for all IH engines , Gas and diesel.  Give us a call to get just the right one for your engine.
180d Thermostat for loadstar trucks
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
NEW!!  Wiper arm for your early Loadstar and Travelall Pickup and Travelett.
wiper arm - NEW OLD STOCK - LoadStar 1600-1890
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...

Navy blue crewneck sweatshirt - Farmall
Model(s): 1600, 1603, 1610, 1700, 1703, 173FC, 173RE, 175...
Price: $89.67 + $20 Core (refundable) Price: $7.55 Price: $45.66 Price: $ - $


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