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This product will fix a cracked block. Or a cracked head. Or glue a fan belt back together.  The glue is Great but the grey and black powder that comes with it is AMAZING.   If you have a hole in a valve cover or crack in a block or head, or a broken carburator core. Poor the powder into  fill the void.  Then you put a few drops of the glue onto the power.   The powder and glue work together to create a new compound that is hard as a rock in 10 seconds and will fill in a hole like bondo but much much harder.
super Ultra glue - Q-bond - Fix a Cracked Block in 10 seconds
we also have red
Amber Marker Light Lens- red also
ID = 1 7/16 "  OD=about 3  3/4"     Fits early loadstar and Metro 700-1700  This also fits C- 100,110,130,150,1000,1100,1200,1300, D- 1000,1100,1200,1300 and 1500 A,B,C trucks.
Carrier Bearing Metro and Loadstar
Show your colors. REALLY BIG !!    15 inches long 3\" tall, and made of durable plastic with Chrome on top.  Made by IH.
\"International\" Emblem
Price: $14.99 Price: $10.99 Price: $$389.93 Price: $89.96
Diaphragm - NEW OLD STOCK
Diaphragm - NEW OLD STOCK
This is the accelerator cable used in the pickups and Travelalls built from 1969 to 1975 with V8 engines.  

This is approximately 23\" long, and has socket fittings on both ends.  This can also be used on other applications as long as the ends are the same and it is longer than the old one.
Accelerator Cable, New 69-75 Pickup and Travelalls
This is the heater control cable for Scout II vehicles.  Many of these trucks have cables that are so packed with dirt and gummy varnish and dried grease that they no longer function.  If you cannot turn your heater off (or cannot turn it on), then you probably need one of these.

This is a bowden cable with looped wire ends (as shown in the photo), and is approximately 34\" long.  

This will work for other applications as long as it is as long or longer than the old one.
Heater Control Cable
reprint International Loadstar 1600, 1600 4x4, 1603, 1700, 1700 4x4, , 1703, 1750, 1800, F-1800, F-1800D, 1803, 1850, F-1850, 1853, 1890, 1890, 1890D  Serial Nos. C-049510 thru C-076500, G-384,199 thru G-474896 and H-000001 thru H-204999 -Prior to 1972, Parts manual, 1152 pages.  Photo is generic.
Parts Manual - Loadstar 1972 to 1976
Price: $38.66 Price: $48.95 Price: $18.29 Price: $159.95
Used on early Loadstar and Travelall's and Pickups.
Dome - New Old Stock

Valve - New old stock speedo selenoid

Scout 80 NOS Brake Shoe Retainer Spring

Fan motor - NEW OLD STOCK
Price: $49.65 Price: $235.65 Price: $19.25 each Price: $96.33
This is a heavy duty switch often used with out a relay.  Switch is momentary on and normally off.
12 volt, 60 amp. often used for horns and starting.
Switch, momentary - Water proof
This book applies to Loadstar trucks 1600 thru 1850.   The illustation shows a 1961 to 1967 body style,  but the content applies to loadstars thru 1977.  This book is in really good shape.   9.5 on a scale of 1-10.
Loadstar Operator Manual 1972 to 1976
Set of 5 bolts works to mount one manifold.  You will need two kits if you have a V-8.  These are OEM copper-clad exhaust bolts used to attach exhaust manifolds to the cylinder heads. You need two long, two medium and one short one (for a total of five) per manifold. The copper discolors after exposure to high heat, but the copper cladding does not go away. The copper coating makes the bolts easy to remove even 40 years later. These are highly recommended. V8 engines will require two sets.  I have personally removed at least one hundred IH exhaust manifolds and have never,   NOT once broken a bolt.  These were used at the factory and they really keep the bolt from fusing to the block.
Copper-Clad Exhaust Manifold Bolt - set of 5

Connection block - new old stock
Price: $10.99 Price: $69.68 Price: $34.95 Price: $49.65
Bigger truck shift boot set. We do not know the exact truck this fits on. It is used for sure on IH trucks larger than 1 ton.
Shift boot seal
New old stock red marker lamp.
Light Lamp - New Old Stock
Get your Loadstar horn working again! 
This kit will do it. HONK! HONK!
Includes horn spring, horn plate and horn cup.
Loadstar Horn Kit!
gasket - New old stock
Gasket - New Old Stock
Price: $$69.97 Price: $109.55 Price: $$52.88 Price: $19.95

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